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Installation of Sanitaryware

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1. Wall Hung Basin :

As shown in the picture, the rag bolt must be grouted into the cement/concrete wall. The bolts must be fixed to the cement/concrete wall. Allow setting & checking than install it using nut and washer.


2. Counter Washbasin :

A skilled or experienced person should install counter lavatories.
Avoid using adhesive with this product.
Check the waste area and supply tubing if required.
Do not open the lavatory from its protective carton until you are ready for installation.
Please follow all local building and plumbing codes.

3. Material & Tools :

Measure tape, Keyhole or saber saw, Hammer, Glasses, Rags or paper toweling, Drill (1/2 dia, drill bit or larger), Pencil, Sealant, Sharp Knife or Scissors.


4. Installation of Lavatory :

Note: Please install it in a way that future removal from underneath the counter top is possible without damaging the counter top.

Please check the desired location for clearance between the back splash, faucet, fixture and cabinet.
Please cut the template.
Please carefully trace the template on the counter top as directed.
Please mark the faucet whole centerline on the counter top.
Please drill a 1/2" pilot hole on the inside of the cut line.

5. Material & Tools :
Mark and per-drill the wood screw holes at the locations shown on the template.
Waterproof any exposed areas of wood.

6. For Marble Counter Tops :
Position the counter top upside down on foam padding to protect the surface. Mark and drill 3/6” holes 5/8” deep at the locations shown on the template.
Use a setting tool and hammer to secure the anchors.

7. For All Installations :
If the counter top has not been installed, install it at this time.
Drill the faucet holes according to the faucet installation instructions.
Install the faucet to the counter top according to the manufacture's instructions.
Install the drain to the lavatory according to the manufacture's instructions.

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